Silicon Valley Season 3 Premiere

I wasn’t assigned a post this week, but just wanted to briefly mention that the third season of the hit HBO Silicon Valley aired last night Sunday. It’s a great and hilarious show that overlaps nicely with a lot of the topics discussed in class.

It’s been noted that the technology the show lampoons is probably in fact already being developed right now and can’t keep up with reality.

The main character Richard Hendricks finds himself going from being CEO of his own compression company to potentially working on an app to create 3D holographic facial for live-video chats. Snapchat anyone?

Silicon Valley season 3 channels the story of Steve Jobs



Batman v. Superman Conquers Box Office and Social Media


Summer has typically been the time when movie studios release their big blockbuster seems, but seems like blockbuster season starting earlier and earlier. Already this year saw the massively successful Deadpool in February and just last weekend Warner Bros. released Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Whether you saw it or not, or even loved or loathed it, there’s no denying the success it had on the box office.

In spite of overwhelming negative reviews from fans and critics alike, it seems BvS defied the low expectations.

Much like the presidential elections, the strong social media presence of the main stars (Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gadot) played a role in the promotion of the film and its marketing campaign.

Not mentioned in the article, but something I’m sure people may have already seen and has gone viral is the infamous “Sad Affleck” video.

The marketing campaign for BvS has been aggressive, including partnering with Turkish airlines for a TV spot that aired during the Superbowl and talk show appearances, most notably a “Deleted Scene” comedy video segment that aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Since the article was released before the actual box office weekend results, it didn’t mention that BvS set another notable record, worst Friday-Sunday drop for a superhero movie. It’ll be interesting to see this weekend how the film does and whether or not the negative reviews are actually affecting it. Reviews certainly haven’t hurt critically loathed blockbuster films with a built-in fanbase like Michael Bay’s Transformers franchise.


‘Batman V Superman’: Estimated $160M+ U.S. Opening Super-Powered By Social Media


-Did you see BvS on opening weekend? If not, do you plan to see it in theaters?

-Before the negative reviews came in, did you have any desire at all to see it?

-Do you think studios/companies will need to monitor or take more control of how actors/filmmakers use social media? Last summer, Josh Trank director of the failed Fantastic Four film was in hot water after posting a series of Tweets that trashed the movie.

Star Wars and the Impact of Social Media on Hollywood


Star Wars: The Force Awakens has quickly become the highest grossing film of the year (currently at around $1.9 billion worldwide) thanks in huge part to the overwhelming marketing and social media campaign by Disney and the fans.

Even before it was officially released, it scored huge numbers on social media

Facebook 85.5M reach

Twitter-5.7 million followers

YouTube- 1 million subscribers, 574 million YouTube views

While some of the cast at the time before release did not carry any major footprint on social media compared to other celebrity entertainers like Vin Diesel or Dwayne Johnson, the support from die hard fans and other celebrities like veteran Star Wars actor Mark Hamill more than made up for it.

While all facets of social media have been important in promoting the franchise, Youtube has been perhaps the most critical and engaging for fans.

Target’s Share the Force Youtube video




‘The Force Awakens’ Blasts 667M+ On Social Media Before Opening, In Line With 2015’s Other Top Franchises


  1. If the infamously critically panned Star Wars Episodes I-III were released today in the age of social media, do you think they would have done worse financially or is the franchise so big that social media plays has little to no impact?
  2. Does social media affect your movie watching habits?