6 Things Marketers Need To Know About Facebook Instant Articles

Our favorite social media company again is venturing into a new revenue channel in offering Instant Articles.  This new feature will allow users only on their mobile for now to view articles instantly and do not have to navigate to the website.

The publisher will need to use a special markup on their website framework to embed the article in Facebook.  It is being marketed as showing the content 10x faster than using links or going to the websites.

The publisher also has 100% control to manage ads on their content.  If they cannot find ad providers they can join the Facebook Audience Network to auction their content.  Finally the publisher can download the Facebook code to have analytics on their content.

  1.  Is this feature going to be popular and will publishers sign up?
  2. This is in beta mode right now.  Do you see any reason why Facebook will not implement it?

6 Things Marketers Need To Know About Facebook Instant Articles




Presidential Candidates Across Social Media

The Presidential Campaigns for 2016 have been the most monitored for its social media involvement with users on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and Reddit.  The article cited from Cnet compares each presidential candidate on social media by their number of followers, likes and subscribers.  They give a stat rundown of their presence on the Internet with each website to give you an understanding of the web traffic being generated.

In today’s election each candidate knows that social media is the easiest way to get their message across to voters during the election.  So they are engaging with voters on it heavily to make their impression to them on their campaign mission.

The article publishes interesting statistics on the popularity of the candidates like Donald Trump’s dominance on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  While no one comes close to Bernie Sanders who has more subscribers to his You Tube Channels and Reddit than any other presidential hopeful in 2016.


  1.  Can we predict the success of a presidential candidate based on his popularity on social media?
  2. Are Americans eventually going to vote through Social Media to decide their next president?  Getting rid of the polls and ballots to foster a new age of communication with people.