MTV Cribs Is Reportedly Coming to Snapchat

gfy0k3w0otduwg8khcptMTV is reportedly set to revisit Cribs… on Snapchat. Cribs is popularly considered some of MTV’s greatest programming. The content is also uniquely applicable to the Snapchat platform and format. Although the original Cribs broadcast was cancelled in 2008, the popular demand for behind the scenes celebrity access has only increased. Considering the environment, MTV’s decision to revisit a classic show with a legitimate following in a new and different way has the potential to be a success and an interesting moment for Snapchat. If the Cribs fan base is as large and as dedicated as it is made out to be, the show’s Snapchat debut may encourage wavering adopters to download the app for the first time and will certainly bring increased traffic to the app’s Discover channel feature.

Snapchat’s traditional applications, photos and videos shared specifically or publicly via the story feature, have achieved nearly mainstream acceptance or at least relevance in recent months. Celebrities and athletes are adopting Snapchat, gaining viewers within the app and media attention off of it. The Discover channels, admittedly a more recently introduced feature, have yet to experience a significant breakthrough. I’m not sure that brands or stations have figured out the right sort of content to elevate the Discover channels to the stature of the apps more popular features, but MTV’s efforts with Cribs are a step in the right the direction.


  1. Do you think the debut of ‘Cribs’ on Snapchat Discover will be a significant moment for the feature?
  2. What kind of content or content adaptation would draw you, personally, to make the Snapchat Discover channels a part of your regular social media rotation?



2 thoughts on “MTV Cribs Is Reportedly Coming to Snapchat

  1. I think this an amazing idea. First off, I instantly felt nostalgic when reading this article (and watching the Ja-Rule video in the article). MTV Cribs instantly takes me back to my childhood.

    My second thought was what other shows/programs could be a good-fit for Snapchat? Throughout the semester we have talked about “cord-cutters” through various programs like Netflix, the internet, Hulu, and so forth. It is interesting to think about Snapchat as a possible cord-cutter. While I doubt critically acclaimed shows will be on Snapchat, I could see other “MTV Cribs – like” programs make the jump.

    My final thought involved an earlier blog-post from this semester that reference original TV-shows on Instagram. It is fascinating to think of a social media platform as a “cord-cutter.”

  2. MTV cribs was one of my favorite shows back in it aired during the 2000’s. I am personally excited for this to re-introduced. The fact that the platform will be via SC Discover is an interesting touch. I am not a big user of the Discover feature, but this new topic may make me change my ways.

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