Instagram now has ‘featured’ video channels


Instagram recently increased the limit on users’ video clips from 15 seconds to a minute, and now it’s offering an improved way to search and view that content.

The changes, rolled out Thursday for iOS and Android, are seen in the app’s Explore tab, which now includes a “videos you might like” section that “collects videos from across Instagram’s global community into a seamless viewing experience.” In addition, when you scroll down the Explore grid, you’ll also see “featured” channels with videos on specific topics. When opened, they cleverly auto-play one video after another without looping to create a lean-back viewing experience. That’s quite similar to the recent Snapchat auto-advance update and the Watch button on Vine that launched yesterday. The Coachella channel was among the first big efforts to take advantage of the new feature. Throughout the festival the channel was updated with behind-the-scenes footage including the festival through the eyes of its performing acts.

Instagram’s recent efforts to boost the presence of video on its service should help it to rake in more revenue from brands. If Instagram can ingratiate users to watching organic videos, it could make video ads easier to swallow. And by giving top creators higher views counts, which it recently started showing, it can recruit more of them to its platform, drawing in their fan bases who will inevitably see ads.

Instagram’s ‘Explore’ grid now shows extra love to video

  1. Have you already experienced this new feature? What do you think of the change on the explore tab?
  2. Do you think this new feature is a challenge to Snapchat and its Live Stories? Do you see yourself reaching out to Instagram for this type of video content rather than Snapchat?Do you think it could  also compete with Twitter  with video news?
  3.  Do you think Instagram will start putting video ads in the new channels or let brands pay to create their own sponsored channels?




2 thoughts on “Instagram now has ‘featured’ video channels

  1. Unaware of the scheduled roll-out date, I stumbled across this new feature on Instagram this weekend. Personally, I am a fan of the “explore” section of the app. The lay-out of this section makes it easy to skim through posts at a higher pace. I would actually prefer that the “main section” of Instagram was organized in a similar fashion. I often find myself “giving-up” on my feed after a few scrolls. This section allows me to “catch-up” with greater ease.

    Also, when reading this article, I could not help but compare the “see fewer posts like this” to lay-out of Pandora. I am curious if this feature will be successful. With Pandora, one clicks like/dislike after a song (roughly 3 minutes); in Instagram the like/dislike feature requires the user to be very active all the time (or at least until they develop an acceptable format).

  2. I haven’t used this feature yet, but I also do not really use the “you might like” feature in general.

    I think stylistically the types of videos that would be on Instagram versus SC would differ. So I could see there being some success for Instagram irregardless of SC.

    I could see Instagram monetizing this is either/both ways if it makes sense and is a fit for the most prominent advertisers

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