So, it looks like Twitter is making its own food videos now

Is Twitter taking a cue from Tasty and tapping into the food market?  Australian celebrity chef Adam Liaw shared two videos of himself from Twitter’s Sydney headquarters.  In one, he shows viewers how to debone a chicken and in the other, he shows viewers how to butterfly prawns.  Both videos are heavily branded with Twitter’s logo and contain a nod to @TwitterFood and Twitter’s food channel.

The videos deviate from Tasty’s model in that the chef (a celebrity chef, no less) is seen on camera talking directly to the audience and the videos are several minutes long.  Additionally, unlike Tasty’s posts that include a link to the full recipe, the tweets do not contain links to the full instructions.  While Liaw’s videos are not exactly recipes, they are exploring a topic that Tasty has proved interests an audience.


  1.  Why do you think Twitter is entering the food video game?
  2.  Do you think they can compete with Tasty?
  3.  Is this model more or less attractive to the advertising community?


3 thoughts on “So, it looks like Twitter is making its own food videos now

  1. I personally haven’t used any recipes from Tasty videos, so to me, this isn’t interesting. I know that I watch the videos, but it seems like its one of those things like when you find something great to DIY from pinterest and it turns out horribly. Thats how I feel about the Tasty recipes. I’m sure Twitter is trying to replicate Tasty’s success, but I don’t know how successful they’ll be at that. Tasty kind of too the internet by storm, and I’m not sure that success can be organically recreated. People are “falling out of love” with Twitter in my opinion, and this seems like one of their final ditch efforts to compete.

  2. I do not think Twitter will be able to compete, at least not with the current structure and format of their videos. tasty is successful due to the top down format, speed and lack of dialogue. It is quick, digestible and visually kind of mesmerizing. Because of that, it provides the viewer with the feeling of ease and simplicity for these recipes, showcasing to the viewer that they’re easy to make. This model seems less appealing to advertisers who would be looking for VCRs. If a video is minutes long, they’re likely to see significant drop-off.

  3. I enjoy watching Tasty because it’s quick, to the point, and it makes me feel as though it’s a recipe that I can make myself. After reading this article and watching the video, I felt as though this video was more technical and longer, not something that I would personally use.

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