Why Facebook Could Be Bernie Sanders’ Secret Weapon in Battling Hillary Clinton


Someone said,”One of the most underreported stories in the media regarding the 2016 presidential election is the use of social media by Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. ” While political pundits ponder why so many young people are attracted to his populist message and rack their brains for answers, they also expose their clear lack of understanding of how politics can work in the digital age.

According to this article, Sanders topped the phrase “Super Bowl” on Facebook, in the month of February, while  Clinton didn’t generate a growth worth a “blip on the radar”. His social media engagement has resulted in over 5 million individual contributions to his campaign, more than any other Presidential candidate at this point in an election.  Regardless of where you stand in the Democratic party, the Clinton campaign’s weaker social media outreach should worry people who believe that sustained engagement is an important antidote to defeating the social media behemoth of Donald Trump and keeping our country moving forward.

My question is that I still don’t know why Senator Sanders can have a strong connection with millennials on Facebook. Is it due to  his or his campaign team’s strategic digital plan? How will this strong connection affect his election?

Link: http://www.adweek.com/news/technology/why-facebook-could-be-bernie-sanders-secret-weapon-battling-hillary-clinton-170066


3 thoughts on “Why Facebook Could Be Bernie Sanders’ Secret Weapon in Battling Hillary Clinton

  1. A big win for Sanders on social media recently I’m sure most people saw was the bird landing on his podium during his speech.
    I think in this age with so much competition for people’s attention, social media creates tangibles that are easier to latch onto.

  2. This article immediately make me think of our Obama case study. It makes you wonder if Hilary can really loss the social media campaign for a second time. While Sanders still has an uphill battle in front of him, he continues to be attractive to many young voters. Sanders’ political ideas are not simple changes, but rather transformations. His ideas definitely resonate with individuals who want to “speak-up.” While I may be a limited Facebook user, I feel that the Facebook algorithm will definitely help users who want to voice their support for Bernie.

  3. I completely agree with the posts above. I believe that Sander’s beliefs resonate with the millennial generation, thus improving the young votes. I am an active Facebook user and have definitely noticed user voting their support through social media.

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