People are reportedly sharing fewer personal updates on Facebook

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Social media platform is not merely a channel for socializing anymore, it is more like the way to gain all kinds of information and news nowadays. I believe most people’s Facebook page is flooded with various brand news, re-shared videos and posts from pages you have liked. This surly is where the company’s profit source and highly welcomed by Facebook, but more than that is because fewer people are sharing their personal updates.

The article pointed out that 5.5% of overall sharing were dropped from 2014 to 2015. Even fewer people are actually updating their lives on the feed, thoughts, photos etc. and the figure is that 21% of personal posts decreased in a year from 2014 to 2015. This is very different from why Facebook was created in the first place. The original idea of founding Facebook was to build a network online to make friend get closer by participating in each other’s lives. So although those ads and brand feeds are helping Facebook make profits, the decline of personal updates are actually a bigger problem for this company. Some changes made the sharing easier, but it is still a big issue.

There are several reasons for the sliding of personal sharing on Facebook. 1. Other better quality social media platforms appeared and specialized on mobile, like Instagram and Snapchat. 2. Facebook always is indecisive of what it should be. Bigger or smaller size? Private or public profiles? Plus, its new video function that will cover the whole service. All of these just made it more impossible for people to share their personal lives on such a large scaled platform.



  1. As a Facebook user, what do you expect to see on your page? Do you think you will enjoy more of the information feed or news from your friend’s personal posts?
  2. It seems that the social media is more tending to mobile-oriented platforms for people to share. More people choose to post their own lives on Instagram or Snapchat. How do you think Facebook should address this user switching problem? Attracting more users by reducing the commercial posts or just relying on the profits brought by non-personal feeds?  What’s the trend?


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4 thoughts on “People are reportedly sharing fewer personal updates on Facebook

  1. I think this is inevitable. I think (subconsciously) I stopped updating my Facebook as much when I started becoming “friends” with relatives, parents of my friends, old teachers, etc. Not to say that I was posting anything inappropriate, I just didn’t want to deal with the comments, or having my aunt mention a post of mine while talking to my mom on the phone (that happened… several times). I rarely post on Facebook, but I do use it a lot. I get a lot of news from it, and I’m not afraid to say it. You can get all kinds of different news in one place. I also love the “on this day” feature that goes back in time to see what ridiculous statuses I posted in college, how things have changed, etc.

    I do think Facebook needs to stop changing things so often, because I think that annoys people. Obviously, everything exists to create a profit, and Facebook is no different. However, I think they should give the people what they want, and the loyal users will stay regardless.

  2. When new footage/trailer/news of certain films are released my Facebook feed is pretty much flooded by it. Example, for the last week my feed has been filled with memes of Benedict Cumberbatch skipping in his Dr. Strange costume because footage was taken of a recent NYC shoot.

  3. I think Facebook should improve its contents feed algorithm to make personal posts be shown more on user’s homepage and make people more connected with others by sharing interesting moments in life.It should help people have more passion by sharing personal posts. I think one thing what Facebook is doing well is that it has strong ability in face recognition when tagging friends in pictures, so Facebook can extend this function to tag people in more ways such as tagging in comments.In that way, people will get more involved. For those sharing contents with similar social topics, Facebook could select one or two to show but not all the same things on posts.

  4. For the second question, I think the origin of facebook was PC orientated. But a lot of new social apps like snapchat is mobile orientated, which is more popular among us as we get used to use mobile more often. Also, Fb is kind of professional nowadays as employers may search your Fb account while snapchat, instagram or twitter can keep more privacy( They are harder to search).

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