Should Your Blog Be the Center of Your Content Strategy?

Is the blog dead?

According to this article from Social Media Week, the blog may not be dead  but it might be dying… if you are not using the right amount of interactive features to draw people in.

The article mentions how the emergence of social media platforms has changed the way people consume information – with Twitter, for example, being the prime example where people can communicate a large of amount of data, broken up in small pieces.  Blogs, on the other hand, were providing data in long form.

The increased use of smartphones has changed how we read posts and how long we are willing to scroll through a post.  On the flip side, the article mentions that the B2B blogging space is under-served and there could be opportunities for longer “white paper”posts.

In your opinion, what is the next step for blogs and how can companies re-vamp these to draw in consumers? Or, is the blog dead?

Should Your Blog Be The Center Of Your Content Strategy?


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