No such thing as bad PR: Is social media saving or damaging the music industry?


The music industry has been revolutionized by the emergence of social media, and the internet in general. In an era where artists can publish their own music, promote it, and grow an audience themselves, the influence of a traditional ‘record label’ seems to be dwindling.

Social media has given a platform for artists to be viewed and express themselves 24/7. Combine that, with the fact that they can release whatever quality music they want on Soundcloud or Spotify, and you get a sense of how enabled they have become.

I love the fact that labels do not have the power to suppress artists that they do not deem as “mainstream,” and that I can choose what I listen to instead of being told what to listen to. If an artist I like tweets something racist or ignorant, I want to know, so that I can stop supporting them. So to me, the only issue is dealing with annoying gimmicks by artists trying to gain publicity.


  1. Is there such thing as “bad publicity”or is anything that goes viral (within limits obviously) going to help the artist? – does it actually translate to album/concert sales?
  2. Do you like the fact that artists have all the power because of social media, is this damaging to the music industry or to the artists themselves?
  3. Do you believe that social media has made everything more about creating a gimmick that can go viral and generating headlines, than the actual art itself?

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