Facebook Prioritizes Facebook Live Videos in New Feeds



Over the last three months Facebook Live video has become more and more popular and a growing number of people and pages are creating and watching live videos. With this irresistible trend of Live video, Facebook set Live as a new content type which is different from normal videos and announced that it is “making a small update to News Feed so that Facebook Live Videos are more likely to appear higher in News Feed when those videos are actually live, compared to after they are no longer live.” This is because Live is much more interactive, interesting and people spend more than 3* more time watching a Facebook Live video on average compared to a normal video. For marketers, what Facebook did is absolutely good news because it gives the ability to create an intimate, authentic connection with the audience. It humanizes and personalizes the brand. How many people watched a live, how long people watched for, certain actions people take on a video such as making comments and most importantly, the speed at which people engage and interact with content are all factors that will be taken into account for the News Feed ranking.



  1. What are your thoughts on Facebook Live? How will Facebook prioritizing Live Videos affect both marketers and Facebook users?
  2. How Facebook Live will influence Periscope?





3 thoughts on “Facebook Prioritizes Facebook Live Videos in New Feeds

  1. I think Facebook Live has huge implications for Periscope. Having used it in a professional capacity, I am sure that Facebook Live is easier, more effective, and reaches a lot more of your followers. I always found Periscope to be somewhat ineffective. It is one more step you’re asking your followers to complete in order to view content. They have to download the app, create an account, search for you, etc. Facebook Live (especially if is prioritized in your News Feed) is right there, easy to access. I personally have never watched a Facebook Live feed… If there is something that important that I would watch it live on Facebook, I would assume its on TV where I can watch it on a larger screen with a more reliable feed. I guess it doesn’t matter if it is at the top of my feed or not… If I’m not interested I can just scroll past it.

  2. Facebook Live is getting more popular because now you get notifications whenever there is a live streaming from any of the pages you follow. I have been getting notifications from Buzzfeed being live, New York Giants “Big Blue Kickoff” etc and sometimes I tune in to see what’s going on and if i find it interesting I will watch it for a while.
    Having Facebook Live, I don’t think Periscope has any future. As Kendall said, why would you download an app that I’m sure only a 1% of your friends actually have when you can share your live stream with all of your friends in a platform that is super user-friendly and that you know more people are actually gonna see it.

  3. I agree with Kendall and Veronica — I’ve been getting notification as well and am much more likely to utilize a platform that I know all my friends are already utilizing.

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