Facebook plans to open Messenger to publishers later this year


Facebook’s big plans for Messenger may also include publishers.

The company plans to open up its messaging platform to developers later this year during its F8 developer conference, according to a new report in Marketing Land. The feature will allow publishers to share content through Messenger via chat bots, with short descriptions linking back to articles on their website, the report says.

Facebook is already rumored to be working on a software development kit that would allow developers to build chat bots that run inside of Messenger. Among the developers testing out this new software are publishers, Marketing Land’s report says.

Publishers will use the bot-based service to share stories with readers inside of Facebook Messenger. Rather than the typical articles people may come across in their News Feeds, publishers would be able to share short snippets about stories in Messenger threads, along with links back to the full story on their website, according to the report.

If true, the move could help address some of the concerns publishers may have had with  Facebook’s instant articles, which don’t directly provide traffic back to publishers’ websites.


  1. Do you think this plan would benefit more of messenger or publishers?
  2. What do you think is the most effective feature messenger should adopt to attract more users ?

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5 thoughts on “Facebook plans to open Messenger to publishers later this year

  1. I am curious about the future of the Facebook messenger app. As discussed in class, messenger applications are the future. Despite their heavy use, messenger apps are very difficult to penetrate for marketers and advertisers. Personally, one of the reasons I enjoy messaging app’s is the fact that it is not Facebook. Messaging app’s are private. They remain (or at least feel like) a reserved setting for you and your friends/family. As long as Facebook messenger has Facebook in the title, I believe they will struggle against other messaging platforms.

  2. I don’t know if Facebook Messenger will ever be the top of the messenger field. I find the app/user experience annoying, and I rarely use it. If I am sending Facebook messages, it is through a web browser on my computer. I think that if there was a way to make Messenger part of the actual Facebook iOS app, that might make it more seamless.

    I am interested to see how this would work. I don’t really see a way that this would work without people viewing it as “spammy” or unwarranted. I wouldn’t want to start getting a ton of Messenger notifications, especially if it was just content from publishers that I didn’t actively want.

  3. Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp are the top messaging apps and it’s how people communicate nowadays. What Facebook is trying to do is elevate the user experience and connect the user with publishers. However this is just the start and a small step to what is yet to come for messaging apps.

    Honestly, I don’t think receiving articles from publishers on a private messenger chat is going to work unless it is super targeted. We as users like to be in control of what we choose to read.

  4. This sounds like a horrible experience. I do think there is opportunity for lightning speed content features to be developed in the messenger component, but being force-fed content that hasn’t naturally caught your eye sounds like a glorified spambot feature more than a new way to help users discover content. Even if you subscribe initially, I know I would unsubscribe quickly after being bothered over and over by such bots. This feature may be the death of Messenger!

  5. This will be a great one to watch. There will be plenty of growing pains for consumers as brands adapt to the space, but I do feel there will be great conversion for those brands who figure out who to play in this space well.
    The brands who succeed with realize they need to serve consumers’ needs, both utility and entertainment, and will super serve these needs with a twist appropriate to their brand voice.
    Many brands, however, will be a nuisance to the consumer.

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