Facebook Sports Stadium Looks To Revolutionize Sports Social Media

Facebook is looking to change the game in terms of how sports fans interact on social media by creating a place for all things sports related. They are calling it Facebook Sports Stadium and it is a place to keep up to date with live scores and stats, play-by-plays, and comments by sports fans and professional analysts. Facebook is building off their strength of having the largest user base among all social media platforms and the major sports fan pages that have over 650 million people connected to them all. It has been shown that Facebook as been a go to place for sports fans to interact with other fans during sporting events to talk and debate about different events. By incorporating their new Facebook Live, this can be taking the idea of a sports forum to the next level. There may be potential issues with the digital rights of major sports organizations since users of Facebook will take to broadcasting the game live, but that is a risk Facebook is willing to take.

Should the risk of infringing on the digital rights of sports leagues concern Facebook?

Will this continue to help Facebook maintain their hold as the leader of social media platforms?




5 thoughts on “Facebook Sports Stadium Looks To Revolutionize Sports Social Media

  1. I think this is a pretty cool idea and as a big sports fan, I would probably partake in this once launched. A platform on FB to provide real-time updates and a forum to debate (i.e. talk smack to your friends) has the potential to be huge. The property and broadcasting rights will be the major hurdle.

  2. The sports forum platform is very interesting. A couple events definitely jumped out when I read this article (Super Bowl, college football, world cup). As mentioned in the separate comment above, the idea of “talking smack” lends itself perfectly to this forum. As a sports fan, I have found that the largest amount of smack talk often takes place during fantasy football (message boards, group chats…). I am curious if Facebook can connect with the fantasy sports world through this platform.

  3. I think this is a natural extension for Facebook. They recently added the feature that would show you scores of teams that you are a “fan” of, which I found really useful. I think if they are going to get streaming rights to big events like playoffs, there will have to be a monetization factor… which might take away from the intended experience. If they leave it as it, without video, it shouldn’t be concerned with infringement issues.

  4. I think the broadcasting by facebook users will be a risk for facebook itself. But facebook might have proactive measures to solve it. Let’s see!
    With this new feature, facebook will definitely maintain the leadership in the social media world. As facebook has a lot of active users around the world, among which a unneglectable percent of users are sports fans, facebook should take the advantage to build a more desirable community for them. Besides, the advanced data science tools of facebook will support to run the sports stadium more satisfied to those users.

  5. Similarly to the posts above, as a sports fan I would definitely partake in this. I also agree that it’s a natural progression for facebook. I can definitely see people people having discussions back and forth. For me in particular, I see this as a great way to connect with my family and friends via facebook to discuss a soccer match during the World Cup.

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