Scripted Series ‘Shield 5’ To Bow Using Instagram


If you’ve ever struggled to binge-watch through an entire season’s worth of a particular television show, Shield 5 is your solution. The cleverly written crime series debuted on Instagram on February 1 (profile name: shieldfive) with a new way of telling scripted stories: via 28 15-second episodes running throughout the month. The Instagram series follows a security guard who goes on the run after being framed for both a diamond heist and the murder of a colleague

Each 15-second episode is accompanied by a photograph that also will be an intrinsic part of the story. Each episode and subsequent photograph is being released once a day, every day in February at 5pm GMT. The new form of content is being labeled as “social cinema.”  The Shield 5 diamond heist social cinema/web series has attracted about 40,000 followers. Using Instagram as a platform for a short story is not an entirely new idea; however, the Shield 5 production clearly has more funding than traditional web series and includes recognizable British actors, special effects, and high production value.

Wasting your life watching hour upon hour of TV? This 15-second Instagram murder mystery may be just what you need.


  • Simply put – is this new platform of telling stories sustainable and marketable?
  • Will high profile actors/actresses, directors, and producers in Hollywood follow suit?

2 thoughts on “Scripted Series ‘Shield 5’ To Bow Using Instagram

  1. This is so interesting. I don’t think it is going to take over binge-worthy television, but it is definitely a unique marketing tactic. I would definitely follow something similar related to one of my favorite shows… I could see it for Scandal or something like that. If it was used in that sense, I could see the star’s of shows participating… A lot of celebrities strive to be “closer” to their fans and I think this is a new interesting way to do so.

  2. A few years ago I would’ve thought the idea of releasing short 15 second videos of a serialized story would have no potential, but apparently it really is taking off. I’m reminded of something similar Adult Swim did not too long ago with an episode of Rick & Morty, where they released an entire episode in short 15 second videos over the course of a few days. The catch was though they released the clips in reverse order so viewers had to wait until Friday to watch the complete episode.

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