Will We One Day See The Demise Of The Super Bowl Ad Craze?


Numerous advertiser’s are taking their Super Bowl ad buys one step further this year. Instead of just running during the show, they are creating an extension of their exposure on Facebook using targeted ad buys on social. This is a pretty smart move creating a more holistic approach to a brand’s exposure on a high impact, high media day. Facebook also allows you to more definitely reach your audience than say a national broadcast reach play. It is even more impactful on a tent-pole day such as the Super Bowl when social media is a frenzy of activity. People are talking about the game, they’re talking about the commercials and they’re talking about the half-time performance. This is where viewers are, this is where they’re engaging directly with your brand, referencing ad content and impact.


My questions:

Is this the start of a decline in value for Super Bowl spots?

Will Advertisers move more of their budget to social for day’s like these when they know consumers are definitely active and engaged?

When does the value of a multi billion dollar TV spot that consumers cannot directly engage with lose its luster?





One thought on “Will We One Day See The Demise Of The Super Bowl Ad Craze?

  1. I noticed this year that if you search Super Bowl 2016 commercials that many which did not play during the Superbowl are posted. For example, the once very famous Victorias Secret SuperBowl ad – they still created one but it was not played during the SuperBowl. However it was shown on Facebook, youtube and the models posted snips of it on their own private instagrams.

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