Instagram Announces 60 Second Videos For Advertisers


Recently, Instagram expands the time length of ads from 30 seconds to 60 seconds, which gives advertisers more chances to reach their business goals. T-Mobile and Warner Bros are the first ones to launch their extension version of ads. One of the ads featuring with Drake from T-Mobile has acquired over ten thousand of “Like”s online.

This decision benefits brands with a more flexible way to advertise for themselves. On one hand, Instagram wants to make companies feel more comfortable to express more about their brands and increase followers; On the other hand, the brands on the Instagram can share their contents with the 400 million audiences and thus enhance brand influence. Also, Instagram can increase revenue by providing such resource and response to the video push action from Facebook.

For Instagram users, it is still a doubt that whether they will enjoy a longer ad time or not, since most of the them will just scroll over the ad without stopping to watch. As for myself, what I expect on this change is that the ad contents are well selected before launching, so I can enjoy watching more creative campaigns in my daily life.


My questions:

  1. What difference will it be by enlarging the ad video time from 30 seconds to 60 seconds for advertisers? Is it really helpful for Facebook’s continued video push?
  2. What are your opinions on this change? Will the user experience on Instagram be improved or reduced? If you watch such a long advertisement on Instagram, what will be your expectation on it?

Article link:

Instagram Announces 60 Second Videos for Advertisers



9 thoughts on “Instagram Announces 60 Second Videos For Advertisers

  1. Extending the length of the spots available to advertisers on Instagram is an opportunity for brands to invest in creative native advertising. Brands have tip toed around content specific to social media and a longer spot coupled with Instagram’s steady growth and popularity will hopefully lead to legitimate creative investment on the platform. Compelling story telling and content is critical for a brand to have success advertising on this platform, I hope to see a few rise to the occasion.

  2. I think that this is a great way for advertisers to put out more authentic, engaging ads. 60 seconds allows them to do much more than 30 seconds would. However, I don’t think that making the ads will make more people stop and watch them. We live in a scrolling society with a very short attention span. Often if I want to watch something online and I have to sit and watch a 30 second ad beforehand, I won’t end up staying and watching the content I wanted to watch. For this reason, I don’t think that the user experience will be reduced or drastically improved by lengthening the advertisements.

  3. I think Instagram is an increasingly intriguing platform to advertisers. Instagram allows advertisers to reach a very specific type of audience, and engage with them. The increase in spot length allows the advertisers to share more of a narrative on social, though I do think Instagram will need to rethink their inventory. As it is the ads on the platform have become increasingly more prevalent than they used to be, for longer ads to have a more fair shot- the prevalence of ads should be reduced to increase efficiency.

  4. Like many of the social media platforms, Instagram continues to find creative techniques to increase revenue. The 60 second Ads will create more user engagement which benefits the companies willing to pay for online social media advertisement. Personally, if I am going to take the time to watch an Ad, its more enticing when their is more information on the brand. For advertisers this is a great way to reach their targeted audiences who use Instagram every day. With the increasing number of cord-cutters, companies can use a platform like Instagram to reach users who are interested in their products. I think a good point to mention is that Instagram is user friendly, in the sense that you can choose to keep scrolling and not view the advertisements. In my opinion user experience will be enhanced by longer ads on Instagram for those who choose to view the ads.

  5. Instagram offers a great opportunity for advertisers. As a user of the social media platform, I continue be impressed by their ads. Specifically, Instagram does a great job of analyze your friends & followers before placing a specific ad on your feed. As with any industry, information is valuable. Instagram does a great job of analyzing this information and targeting the proper audience.

    While I do enjoy the ads, there is nothing stopping the user from scrolling over the ads. On the contrary, video ads for sites like Youtube benefit from the “pre-roll.” Users cannot advance to their requested media until they watch (or elect to skip after a certain period of time) a video ad. I am curious if Instagram will look to install a similar feature if they do not have advertising success in the near future.

  6. I think this is great for the advertisers to better convey their message. As long as instagram selectively choose which users should receive which advertisements, I can see this being successful. Otherwise, I see myself simply scrolling through the ads.

  7. I agree with everyone above. Allowing the ads to be 60 second will make them more entertaining for the users. On instagram we are not forced to view and finish an ad before moving on to other posts. The users are still in control, and I think they will like that

  8. I don’t think that making ads to be 60 seconds long is going to be effective, I actually believe that the views of ads will decrease (unless it is a brand that we are truly interested in). I believe that in Instagram being mostly a photo sharing app, an image for and ad is more effective than a video. We usually scroll down very fast and only stop at something that catches our eye, with a video we cannot really do that. A 30 second ad it is still tolerable in this type of app but I don’t think people will stop their scrolling to watch a one minute video.

  9. As for me, the extension of commercials time on Instagram is disappointing. Even though I followed my favorite brands on Instagram and always took an initiative to watch their videos, I really don’t like this new change. I think a 30-second commercial is enough to convey what the brand want to tell. Most of the 30-second commercials are creative and fascinating. So when I first knew this change, I felt this would be a dull decision from Instagram. However, on a professional marketing level, the time length of a commercial does not determine its influence. The creativity counts. So I still expect to see some nice 60-second commercials shining my eyes.

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