Twitter Expands reach to Unregistered Users

It’s obvious from many of these posts and the company’s declining valuation that Twitter is in trouble. Though this might seem like a relatively arbitrary decision it shows that behind the scenes at Twitter they are starting to think radically in their redesign process in order to reach new users and thus generate more value. For years Twitter has prided itself on being a members only community turning away roughly, “500 million consumers that visit its property each month without logging in.” This policy change will now allow those 500+ million visitors to visit the site and see all it has to offer without having to get involved. Personally, I am not sure what the implications of this might be but as a modest user of Twitter who really only visits the site when it is featured in a 3rd party news story about some celebrity doing something cool or stupid on Twitter, i’d consider parting ways with my account if I can access the content regardless now.

Questions I Have:

  1. Do you think this is just an act of desperation for Twitter or do you foresee companies like Facebook, pinterest, shopping websites, or our very own wordpress following this trend of opening it up to the public?
  2. How do you think this will help/hurt Twitter. Will users continue to join the site or will they simply view the free content with no involvement?

One thought on “Twitter Expands reach to Unregistered Users

  1. Part of me thinks that this move is actually a really great idea. Currently, having 500+ million visitors that cannot access content means 500+ visitors that cannot watch ads and become informed by using their site. Though it is more difficult to track individuals by demographic this way, and may discourage some of those anonymous visitors from initially signing up for a personal Twitter account, I think this may be a good move to revive some of the lost interest that they’ve been experiencing in the recent past. In fact, in the long-run, it may encourage some anonymous visitors to want to participate after being given a chance to experience the fun or unexpected aspects of Twitter.

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