Communication and reality.


Physicist Frank Wilczek had to send his regrets to last year’s Nobel Week Dialogue in Sweden – a day-long science conference. The dialogue’s theme was “The Future of Intelligence”. When they were informed that he would not be attending they had an opportunity for him. They offered him the chance to attend the conference from his home in Massachusetts by controlling a robot from his desktop. The robot was close to human size and it would display live video and audio feeds. It would also support typed messages. Frank was able to see and hear, using sensors attached to the robot and sharing its perspective.

We all somewhat have lived an event we missed out on through Instagram posts, Facebook albums, Twitter updates and snapchat stories. This however allows you to fully interact with everyone at an event while being in a completely different part of the world.

Frank mentions how he had to adjust to not being able to use body language in his conversations. He was able to quickly adapt to this. Do you think this is because we are already so used to communicating with text? Does anyone see this becoming the future of communication?

Frank ends the article by saying “We’ll need to rethink how we answer the question Where am I?—and then, inevitably, What am I?”. What is everyones reaction reading this?


Link here




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