Live Stream Video on Facebook – now available in the U.S.


Live stream video, a tool that was previously only provided to public figures (such as celebrities) will now also be in the hands of tens of millions of people who use the service on a daily basis, with potentially hundreds of millions in the coming weeks.

What’s particularly effective about this tool is the fact that anyone can share moments through Facebook and it is not something hard to do. Facebook wants streaming to become as easy as posting a status update.



1) Do you think live streaming videos will catch on? Even with the older generation that currently also utilizes Facebook?

2) How do you think this technology can potentially change the way we interact?

Link: Here



2 thoughts on “Live Stream Video on Facebook – now available in the U.S.

  1. I think this is a great tool for Facebook to allow the general user access to. At first, I thought hmm I don’t know necessarily what I would use it for… Why would anyone want to watch my live stream? But then you think of all the things that happen in your life that you’d wish other people could witness… Weddings, graduations, and other ceremonies could be broadcast and your family who lives across the country could still feel like they are a part of it. I think this is especially beneficial for the older generation that might not travel as much, but they could still stay connected with younger generations through the live stream capability!

  2. I had the same initial response as K. Brow. I was not sure why people would want to watch a live stream. Maybe at first it would be exciting and then it would quickly die out. I wonder if Facebook will be saving these, will you will be able to watch the stream at a later date?

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