Twitter Integrates Periscope With GoPro Inc.

gopro-periscopeTwitter has been struggling as of late. 60 % of its shares have fallen below IPO prices over the past year, while GoPro’s have dropped a staggering 80% below IPO prices. To counter this negative trend, Twitter has decided to merge the Periscope iOS application with GoPro’s Hero 4 Silver and Black cameras.

This new Periscope feature will enable users to transfer from smartphone recordings to  GoPro camera recordings during a single live stream. For example, if a skier begins a live stream with a front-facing iPhone camera, he/she can then transfer to the GoPro cam once the downhill run starts.

I believe that this move comes during a time of desperation for both sides. Therefore, I am not entirely sure if this will be successful long-term.

Question: Will this move prove to be a win-win (long-term) for BOTH Twitter and GoPro? What are some of the potential pitfalls you envision?

GoPro Inc. Integrates With Twitter Inc’s Periscope: A Win-Win Play?


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