“Like” Alternatives on Facebook

The “Like” button has been central for Facebook and is getting an upgrade.  Facebook is rolling out a set of 6 “like” alternatives – angry, sad, wow, haha, yay, and love.  The Facebook team has tested the concept all over the world, including Spain, Colombia and Japan.

I can see this feature getting used and abused quickly, with people ‘reacting’ in inappropriate ways to posts.  This could be a risk for Facebook with mass outrage, or could be a winning upgrade.

Question: How do you think people will respond to possible ‘abuse’ on posts and how could companies use these separate feelings to their advantage when they post to Facebook?

Brace Yourselves: Facebook Reactions Are Going to Be “Like” Alternatives


One thought on ““Like” Alternatives on Facebook

  1. 1. People will have fun with it. Whenever you open the door for people to comment or respond to posts on social media, you also open the door for abuse and debate. This will happen regardless of the new like features.
    2. Companies can now gauge how strongly people are reacting to content they post. For instance, a love is much more emotional and carries more weight than a like.

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