Three Reasons Why Google+ Is Coming Back To Life

Mark Bergen’s article on November 17, 2015 Re/Code says that Google+ is not the Walking Dead but is instead a fully redesigned Google+ that centers around  communities and collections (think Pinterest) and so the new Google+ is all about stuff you’re into and the people who actually get who you are. Its running on an Android platform which is always key to getting that new user base.  Communities and Collections, the center of Google+2.0 is built around common interest.  Advertisers love this idea of common interests; it gives them clear targeting: People like this thing – they will buy things related to it. Google does not have a Plus product yet but one covering these 2 features leverage purchase intent and could be Google’s key differentiator from Facebook.

Questions: 1) Do you see this as a good move for a new Google+ revamping which is streams over social (lose the memory of the 2012 failure)  Think mobile streams which are adored by advertisers.




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