New Facebook Tool Helps You Forget Your Ex

Facebook has made several noteworthy changes this past year, such as the security tool that prevents hackers from breaking into account and instant articles. Now Facebook is launching a new tool called “Take A Break”, which could help Facebook users to manage the interaction between the users and the former partners after their relationship ended.


“Take A Break” could help users see less of a former partner’s name and profile picture on Facebook without having to “unfriend” or block that person.Also, this new feature allow users to control the photos, videos or status updating that the former partner could see. Now, Facebook is testing “Take A Break” on mobile devices in US, then this feature will be tested globally.

So my question is 1) what do you think of this new feature “Take A Break”? Do you think it useful?  2)when will you “unfriend” a person in Facebook?

Here is the article:


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