Google Is Back to China!

Google is set to launch its China version Google Play smartphone app store in Mainland China in 2016. This is the company’s major attempt to win back the biggest market after stopping localized products five years ago.


The local laws is key reason to keeping off Google in China, and this time Google will comply with “Chinese laws on filtering content that might be viewed as sensitive by the ruling Communist Party, and laws requiring the company to store the app store’s data within China”. It seems that Google has to compromise after five years stalemate.

One of the Chinese media refers to that the return of Google is mostly attributable to its pressure for growth. As I see it, how to compete with the local companies such as Baidu is the biggest issue for Google. Local companies are largely different from five years ago and they were born localized. For example, Chinese people are used to use free downloads. Thus Google may lose another portion of revenue from charged service.



  1. For Google, what do you think is the reason to compromise with Chinese government except the huge market and profits?
  1. For China, do you think this is a signal that they are ready to embrace the global information platforms? If so, how soon will Facebook or Instagram back?






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