Daily Report: Using the Web to Transform Public Radio

Pui-Wing Tam,  New York Times,  November 9, 2015 writes that the web has transformed public radio to a new level of engagement and consumer consumption because some radio stations have found a way to use all the new internet outlets.

Video and online music streaming once expected to kill radio actually transforms radio by increasing its distribution. Case in point is KEXP,  a public radio station (1972)  based in Seattle, going strong with added video programming through a YouTube channel and a redesign at the Station level by reinventing itself as a human tour guide through all that’s available.  KEXP  is known as one of the first to play Nirvana and Macklemore.

Question:  Do you agree this is the model of the future and is good for public radio?  Can we still call it public radio with the new programming and format changes?



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