Online chatting at work gets the thumbs up from bosses

In January 2015, Facebook unveiled its new business networking platform, Facebook at Work, and has just launched an associated chat app, Work Chat.


Facebook has signed up around 300 companies of varying sizes, including Heineken, Lagardere and Hootsuite. By far the largest deal it’s struck so far is with Royal Bank of Scotland, which announced in late October that following a successful pilot programme it will be rolling out Facebook at Work to all 100,000 employees in 2016. 

Office-based social networking is growing in popularity as a way of escaping the tyranny of corporate email. Company intranets have dominated for almost 20 years, but it’s the mobile friendly nature of many messaging apps that is shaking up this space.


Kevin Hanley, director of design at  Royal Bank of Scotland, alleges it’s all about facilitating collaboration between different arms of the business. Facebook at Work is “a key component in driving a more transparent, engaged, collaborative, culture,” he says.

Julien Codorniou, Facebook’s director of global platform partnerships, insists that the platform is more than just a means of communicating, it’s a tool that drives productivity.

Companies allow employees to comment, ask clarifying questions or share experiences in support of the messages being communicated.

My questions are:

  1. Is it a waste of time considering receiving endless messaging updates, which is also unproductive by being distracted with over conversations?
  2. Will Facebook at Work be a trend and accepted by any companies? Or it is really a good platform for some specific companies, like a tech company, what other types of companies can take this platform as well?



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