Finstagram: the most real Instagram

Social media, specifically Instagram, has become one of the main ways that we show our world of followers what we do, what we see, and who we are with. But, are there more moments we would be willing to share if our followers were limited to a close group of 10-20 friends and family members?

Many users are now creating “finstagrams”, or fake instagrams. These are private accounts, and the name is only given out to a small number of best friends. This allows the user to post more “real” pictures and experiences, not worrying about the angle of the selfie, or being judged about where they are and what they are doing. Interestingly enough, however, the name does not actually fit the description of what this truly is – finstagrams, which are made for a specific audience of trusted people, is paradoxically, the only “real” Instagram, actually portraying life without a filter.

I can see a need for this type of account as social media and work often cross paths. For example, my Instagram has been found by some of my clients, which, now dictates what I post and when I post it. Being on a plane to Texas on a Wednesday seems odd when my client in California thinks I am fully dedicated to their business.

Questions to the class:
1) do you see the need for a finstagram and would you create one?

2) do you think there will ever be a time when instagram will evolve to be “real”, without fake accounts being the only ones that are portraying reality?


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