Majority of Google Play reviews for Apple’s Android Beats Pill+ app are abusive

By Daniel Eran Dilger  from AppleInsider, Friday, October 30, 2015, 03:46 pm PT (06:46 pm ET)

Google has had problems attracting many of  iOS’s top-tier commercial application developers for its own Android platform and it may be a result of language.  Abusive language is allowed in Google Play  and many developers do not take Android seriously as a platform.  App developers list other reasons for not investing in Android as a platform: it’s more difficult to support the tens of thousands of different hardware models that use Android; only a small number of active Google play users are running an updated version of Android less than a year old; and demographics for Android is toward less educated, less money users but those are more likely to make complaints.

Questions: 1) Is this a Google only concern, or one that both Apple and Google have struggled with: dealing with abusive or fake reviews in their app stores?  2) Have G & A taken necessary steps to reduce the impact of phony reviews intended to artificially boost or damage a developer’s work? 3) Is it even possible to put a stop to abusive or fake reviews?



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