Google+ reshapes to Focus on Mobile and Communities

googleredesign-100628533-primary.idgeGoogle+ looks a little different today- it “puts Communities and Collections front and center”and becoming a more focused, streamlined and interest-based platform. It is more like a Pinterest than Facebook.

Google introduced the new Google+ on its official blog. The redesigned Google+ is “much simpler” and “more mobile-friendly”. It focuses on two popular products of Google+: Communities, which let the users talk about their interests with people who also like them, and Collections, which allows individual users to organize posts by topic.


Compared to the classic version of Google+, it seems that Google is no longer interested in building an all-inclusive social platform, do you think it is good or bad? Do you think the Pinterest-like platform will help Google+ regain lost momentum?

Here’s the article


One thought on “Google+ reshapes to Focus on Mobile and Communities

  1. I think google is making a wise decision here. Google+, in my mind, was always a punchline; an also-ran on the level of Myspace in terms of harmlessness to the large platforms.

    It always seemed to me like Google+ had functionality, but in no way made its users aware of both what to do with that functionality and, more pressingly as a social tool, how to interact with your connected friends.

    By narrowing the focus, Google can at least see what, if any, interest there is in an offering, and should the response prove positive, perhaps they can re-enter the broad scope of what Google+ had been previously, albeit with a few lessons learned.

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