Should Social Media Data be Used by Hotels to Personalize Your Hotel Stay?


Chicago based BCV, which manages social media around the clock for hospitality clients, wants to help hotels personalize their customers’ experience. 

Using a proprietary platform, BCV taps into data from hotels and guests.  Imagine, then, that BCV can take that data and use it in such a way that when you walk into your hotel room, the hotel has your favorite artist playing on the room’s speaker and your favorite type of candy bar on the bed.  Would this appeal to you, or would you find that level of personalization and knowledge of your preferences unsettling?

BCV’s platform allows the hotels to really get to know their guests — down to whether they hate being placed in rooms near elevators, if they played in a band years ago, or they have a well-read blog on the side.

Given the overwhelming simalirities between most hotels, being able to offer guests a more customized experience could  prove to be a unique and successful way for a particular hotel to differentiate themself from the competition. 

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-Would you like your hotel stay to be personalized in this way?  

-Are there certain things you would find acceptable or not acceptable as far as personalization goes? (ex: a list of local Mexican and Italian restaurants because it’s determined you prefer those cuisines, vs. receiving a Snickers bar or having your favorite music playing when you enter the room).  

-Would personalizing in this way give a hotel a competitive advantage?


2 thoughts on “Should Social Media Data be Used by Hotels to Personalize Your Hotel Stay?

  1. Personally I would not like this and would feel as though it was an invasion of privacy. There are certain things I look for in a hotel but all based on cleanliness, convenience and location. If I want music playing I am more than able to play it myself. I think it would be offensive to many people and backfire.

  2. I won’t find it offensive. Nonetheless, I like it very much. To have a customized room that 100% meets my preference is such a pleasant thing for me, it’s like having a secretary that writes you any reports you want. I think this is the way for traditional hotels to remain competitive with new hotels such as airbnb.

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