Snapchat Now Sells Selfie Lenses For $1



Snapchat recently launched selfie lenses after acquiring Looksery. Every day, a new lens is added and an old one is removed from the current lineup of seven. The company now also showcases around 30 other lenses that you can buy for 99 cents and keep forever. The company is also working on advertising with sponsored lenses and other ads. Combining in-app purchases with advertising is an interesting direction for the company. Since most consumer startups chose to keep their porducts free, it seems like a risky bet for Snapchat to have this paid option especially when most of its customers are teenagers.

Snapchat is also rolling out official accounts. When you search for “justinbieber” for example, the app will suggest “rickthesizzler” in a new “Official Stories” section.  (“rickthesizzler” is Justin Bieber’s official account). As pseudonyms are still the norm on Snapchat, it’s still unclear for the average user that “rickthesizzler” is indeed Bieber. Snapchat still has a long way to go to improve celebrity discovery on the platform.



  1. What do you think about Snapchat combining in-app purchases with advertising?
  2. As we know, Twitter is one of the most successful celebrity-driven social media now, do you think Snapchat’s official accounts can catch up and therefore attract more users?

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