Is Facebook really afraid of Tsu?


Tsu is a one year old New York based social media platform which pays users for generating content. Although just funded one year ago, Tsu clams has 4.5million users and has raised about $11 million in venture capital. Based on their business model, Tsu gives 90% of revenue back to users. Through unique algorithm, Tsu pays their users based on content share number, views amount and selling advertising revenue the content related.Sebastian Sobczak( CEO of Tsu) said,”The average content creator would earn $63.60 for the week and a European Sports Illustrated model on our platform made $3,424.51 during May.”


On the contrary, with huge contents which are generated by 1.5 billion Facebook users, Facebook has earned $2.1 billion on revenue of $12 billion during the first nine months of this year alone. After poking Facebook, life ain’t easy for Tsu.In late September, Facebook started deleting millions of posts that included links to Tsu — more than 9.5 million of them, the smaller company claims. Facebook also blocks new posts that merely contain the text “” but no links, warns users that links to Tsu are “unsafe” and fails to deliver Instagram posts and texts via Facebook Messenger that mention Tsu’s Internet address or link to the site. Although Facebook defends themselves that Tsu pays its users to post links on other sites, an incentive that breaks its rules for connecting with its social network.

People contribute tons of content everyday on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter without be paid. Before Tsu, people might not think they should be paid for generating content. However, Social media platforms now using these free contents gain gigantic money from advertisers.

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Question: 1Given Tsu gains users so fast, do you think Tsu will be Facebook’s competitor in future?

2 Since Facebook has earned huge amount of revenue from advertisers, should Facebook give few benefits away back to users? Is it even to use free by generating content.


One thought on “Is Facebook really afraid of Tsu?

  1. I think this article brings up an important issue that will be relevant for many years to come – and that is the unclear distinction between being a creator and merely being a member of society. Because of the advent of social media, whereby anyone has the potential (though rare) of making a piece of content that goes viral, there is a new issue of how should that person be compensated?

    I think that the real content creators who view what they are doing as legitimate content worthy of being paid for with be able to monetize. All they will have to do is demonstrate that they have a following, and advertisers will pay them. It happens today all the time.

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