A Digital Voice for POTUS

imagesGiven our case study earlier in the semester on Obama’s use of social media during his 2008 campaign, I thought it was interesting to see how almost eight years later Obama’s digital team is pushing to develop a digital identity for the President in his own voice by striking a balance between Presidential priorities and conversations happening in the social space. By inserting himself in something that may be trending on Twitter or Facebook, his digital staff believes they are “opening up” the White House and further engaging his constituents. With the reception of Obama’s social activity being very positive, top officials have become more open to devoting presidential time to social media, further demonstrating how powerful social platforms are in today’s world.



One thought on “A Digital Voice for POTUS

  1. I think this is a great way to make Obama seem like a “regular guy”. That said, is that really the role of the PR team of the POTUS? Obama isn’t a regular guy, after all. He is the President of one of the most powerful countries that exists. Could he be perhaps making himself seem less important or serious through this strategy, especially because often times his social media presence is lighthearted?

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