With Google and Twitter still blocked in China, executives woo Beijing

The article With Google and Twitter still blocked in China, executives woo Beijing discusses the intense desire for the big three social media players, Google, Twitter and Facebook, to enter into the China market. These companies have been wooing Chinese government officials into allow them to add their social media sites into the China mix. Some companies have been called out for attempting the “kill them with kindness” pleas in order to make a good impression. With China’s restriction on these major social media players, these tech companies are losing billions of dollars a year in the untapped Chinese market. Mark Zuckerberg has already been seen numerous times making visiting and making speeches in China (in mandarin nonetheless) trying to get his foot in the door. After seeing his bold attempts, all other social media sites are taking his lead.

Just one of the ways that Facebook has tried to sway the Chinese government was when the China president Xi Jinping visited the United States, a special Facebook page was set up in his honor documenting his travels. Yet, nothing seems to be helping.


Google was actually previously set up in China but removed themselves after censorship and hacking concerns and relocated themselves to Hong Kong. There is a small portion of Google staff still in China selling to those Chinese ad companies that want to still reach their consumers outside of the country.

To give a measure on how lucrative the potential access to the Chinese market is, Apple for instance, generated about $23 billion in operating income in the past fiscal year with sales in Greater China. The amount of money available for overseas firms that don’t yet have access to China is huge, and all these social media players are eager to be the first ones of their kind in.

Question: Do you think China will ever allow American social media to be allowed and if so, do you think these social media companies will have serious restrictions to what they are able to do there?


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