Twitter Ditches “Favorites” for “Likes”

The Twittersphere was abuzz when the company switched their traditional stars used to Favorite Tweets to hearts for users to Like Tweets.

There were some pretty priceless reactions-Untitled

On the whole Twitter users seemed to hate the change, especially when users have been demanding other changes be made to the platform (the ability to edit Tweets, add gifs, etc.)

The logic behind this move is that the stars were too confusing for people who were joining Twitter for the first time and the hearts were more easily understood because of the mainstream acceptance they have thanks to Facebook. Periscope, which is owned by Twitter, has had success with hearts and speculators are using that as another reason the platform made the switch.

The main takeaway is that Twitter is trying to become more mainstream and use already established terms to increase users engagement.


Like Dhiya said in class, people only want to “heart” positive things on Instagram, like a sunset or a puppy. Since Twitter is used largely as a news source for users do you think the change to a heart is a good move. For example, would you “heart” a Tweet with a news story about  a school shooting? How will this effect engagement with news stories with negative content?

Twitter has long been a place for social media users to go who for some reason or other are not big users of mainstream platforms (ie: Facebook). Will this change to make Twitter more mainstream, and potentially other changes to make the platform more mainstream like Twitter polls, shift the demographic of the Twitter user?

Read the full article here 


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