An email is worth a thousand videos


Our smartphones has fast become the remote control that we use to navigate our life’s. We use smartphones for banking, ordering food, taking pictures and even calling people from time to time.

This life management device has become more and more important for how to perform marketing strategies. Marketers have all sorts of channels available to reach consumers through smartphones: apps, pictures and videos through social media sites, etc.

According  to the article most marketing and advertising on mobile devices has proven to be expensive with low yield. However, there seems to be one
unexpected exception: Email is proving remarkably resilient in the smartphone era.

As smartphone users reading and writing email is the third most popular activity after text messaging and web surfing. In addition, multiple studies confirm that more than half of email opens are on mobile devices. Hence, building a smart email program, that would be able to sustained smartphone users attention would probably be a low cost high yield mobile-marketing strategy.

Link to article

The Secret to Smartphone Marketing Is Still Email



Do you think the use of email marketing would be a successful way for companies to reach out to specific consumer groups?

Do you think it would be possible to change email marketing strategies so you as a reader would engage more in the content?


One thought on “An email is worth a thousand videos

  1. I think people like to open the email on their phones because of the nicer user interaction. I still feel that video has more profound way in brand marketing. Maybe in the future, another way of interaction will replace the “touch” way at present, and people won’t open the advertisement email any more.

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