Boomerang – Instagram’s New Standalone App

Over the years Instagram launched numbers of standalone apps such as photo-collage app “Layout”, time lapse video app “Hyperlapse” and Snapchat-like photo sharing app “Bolt”. This time Instagram came up with an called “Boomerang” which allows the users to create 1 second video loops known as ‘”gifs”. Although Boomerang videos are shot in the app, it is easy to share the gifs in Instagram and other platforms, plus the app doesn’t require its users to have an Instagram account.

Featured image              Featured image

Boomerang is similar to Snapchat after they introduced the new rewind feature along with slow motion and fast motion options, Boomerang also resembles Vine  and its “Live Photos” feature. It seems that with this new “gif” battleground these companies are trying to compete over the teen demographic which is highly active in Social Media creating a great opportunity of marketing and revenue.

Featured image

All things considered Boomerang with its easy user interface and creative ideas it promises is a new app for Instagram that is highly possible to light up your feed.


  1. Would you use this app to make gifs to share on your social media platforms?
  2. Who seems to be ahead in this war over the teen demographic, and what are your expactations for the future?



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