400 Million Members on LinkedIn !


The well-known professional network LinkedIn announced on its official blog  today that it has grown to 400 million members around the world.  This is a step towards the company’s vision to create “the world’s fist digital economic graph”.



(According to the company’s blog, 40% of LinkedIn members are using mobile to look for new jobs)


Why this is important ?

Because we, the users, are the core of this economic graph by providing a tremendous amount of information through our feeds and updates. LinkedIn launched many services, such as Talent Solution,  for both individuals and firms to share their experiences and needs.


InfoGraphics-Social-Media-Personas-LinkedIn(LinkedIn appeals most to sub-urban residents, men and those with high-level income)


Financially, the company has a diversified business model with revenues coming from member subscriptions, advertising sales, and talent solutions. These strategies draw a promising future for this company so far.



1- Article : http://blog.linkedin.com/2015/10/29/400-million-members

2- The graph credit

3- Additional videos :


A) As a professional, have you considered looking for a job through LinkedIn or similar platform? Why or why not ?

B) In your opinion, do you think that “professional social media platforms” have an impact on the labor market and recruitment processes ? Is it possible that these websites have the potential to replace the current systems ?



2 thoughts on “400 Million Members on LinkedIn !

  1. A) I have done searches for jobs through LinkedIn. I don’t see a reason not to. If privacy is your concern, you can still utilize enough of the functionality to find results and people you may be looking for without divulging much about yourself.

    B) I don’t know that LinkedIn would supplant a traditional HR function for a company, I think firms will still want their own people to interview and vet and ultimately hire those they’ll be working with. Where it might prove to be an issue is for recruiting and head-hunting firms. If companies can circumvent those resources and actively look for qualified applicants themselves, that could be a real issue for the middleman, so to speak.

  2. I have definitely used LinkedIn for job searches and found it pretty helpful. I think the success of the platform can be increased and will be utilized more in the future as it becomes more accepted.

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