USA Today’s Facebook-inspired use of emojis gets thumbs down

Recently,each story on the front page of USA Today’s weekend edition was accompanied by an emoji – a small symbol of online messaging on smartphones and computers.USA Today’s using emojis was actually inspired by Facebook who introduced emojis to the public.


According to the article,using emojis is an experiment to see what the USA Today would look like and what people would react towards using emojis.Actually,there is a mixed reaction,with some people thinking it is strange to see emojis in print and others considering it as a new great way to express.

From my personal view,using emojis in print is not so appropriate, because emoji is usually used by online messaging,not the print.It could make the serious report not so serious.It is strange to see an article accompanied by a crying face or a smiling face in print.Besides,it is a good example of the popularity of emojis and Facebook.

My question is 1) what do you think of using emojis in print?  2)Do you think there will be a trend of using emojis in print?  3)some people said emojis in articles could tell them how to feel about the report,do you agree?

Here is the link:

Here is another link showing more reactions of people:


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