Twitter To The Rescue!

Lost Bags, at 140 Characters, and Airlines Respond.

Social media change the way customers complain. Two tech company colleagues stranded at O’Hare Airport, could not get the help they need using phone or ticket counter. In dire need, they turn to Twitter and twitted about their needs.  Social media is not thought to be the usual mode for communicating with airlines but it works.  In fact, Airlines all around the country are adding social media specialists to bolster customer service departments. A social media strategist at JetBlue Airways said, ‘The airline has seen a rise in its customer satisfaction numbers because they are able to get ahead of the problem before the traveler gets home and starts stewing about it’.  Twitter it seems is made for handling emergency comments or complaints.

Questions: (1) If you agree that customers need real time responses to problems, do you see yourself using the Twitter platform to engage? (2) If you agree but would not use Twitter, is it because of the platform’s limitations?  (3)  If you agree have you used other social media to engage a company or service with a comment or complaint? (4) Do you agree, or not agree, that social media promotes connectivity in general and Why?

Here is the link:


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