Facebook Adds Video Creative Feature to Carousel Ads

Video will soon be available to all Facebook Advertisers as a creative option for carousel ads. Carousel ads are the ads that you can view by swiping left to see additional images or videos. It give brands more flexibility in telling their sequenced stories.


One of the Facebook Marketing Partners said in the new feature, “this gives advertisers the creative flexibility to leverage the most engaging and powerful format we have in News Feed. Carousel format is growing at a rapid pace, and adding video as a creative option can bring sight, sound and motion to help advertisers improve both their brand and direct-response objectives. You’ll be able to optimize your creative for the carousel format by adding a combination of up to 10 photos or videos. As only five cards will be displayed in an ad, you can select the option for our system to automatically optimize which creative will appear in the cards; otherwise, the first five photos or videos will appear in the carousel ad.”

Also, Facebook report shows that Carousel Ads grew 55% in Q3. Advertiser budgets were up 16% over previous quarter. This new feature seems promising to Facebook.


  1. Do you like the new video feature? Will you find it annoying because it will possibly consume data four times more than before.
  2. Does the new video feature have anything to do with the battle with Youtube? Do you think marketers will invest more on Facebook instead of Youtube because of this?

Article Links:

  1. Facebook Report: Carousel Ads Grew 55% In Q3, Advertiser Budgets Were Up 16% Over Previous Quarter http://marketingland.com/facebook-report-carousel-ads-grow-55-in-q3-advertiser-budgets-up-16-yoy-148153
  2. Facebook Adds Video Creative to Carousel Ads http://www.adweek.com/socialtimes/video-creative-carousel-ads/628766
  3. A  New Way for Brands to Tell Stories on Instagram http://blog.business.instagram.com/post/112707530471/carousel-ads

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