Twitter’s Developer Conference – New Features for developers and companies

First it lays off more than 300 employees, now it’s building up its platform for others. Twitter is keep changing in attempt to build a strong path to grow.

This Wednesday, returned CEO Jack Dorsey introduced several new features for users including developers and companies at the company’s annual developer conference. Apart from features like polls for everyone, most of the initiatives were aimed at making money from data on Twitter users and their activities.

Twitter tries to build a new relationship with app developers. Jack Dorsey opened with an apology. “We want to come to you(developers) today and apologize for the confusion.” He said. He argued that developers are essential to the future of Twitter and announced several new features on Fabric for developers to use. (Fabric is a platform that allows developers to build apps using Twitter.) It will add multiple partners including big names like Amazon Web and a payment processor for apps, Strips. They say it is a better way to be a partner with them since they already are experts in their area. This will help developers to control over their work using Twitter’s platform so they can launch more products.

Also, Twitter is trying to help companies to understand data for contents and marketing. Gnip, a company that Twitter has that tracks every Tweets, allows companies to understand data from all different kinds of Tweets better. At the conference, Gnip introduced new suite of APIs called “Gnip Insights APIs”. It currently has 2 components which includes ‘Engagement API’ and ‘Audience API’. Twitter could be useful for companies to deal with regular consumers and as more companies use Twitter, more users will visit Twitter more frequently for the service.

My questions:

  1. Developers have played and will play a great role when it comes to improving Twitter and to include Twitter in other platforms such as TV or 3rd party apps. Given the fact that the number of Twitter users has recently been growing very slowly, do you think attracting developers will help Twitter to gain more users?
  2. To quote Jack Dorsey at the conference, “Twitter stands for speaking truth of power”. Movements like Black Lives Matter have proved that this is true in a sense that it can give people an equal voice. However to achieve Twitter’s vision, it may struggle when it has choose what to put on its platform to arise. Do you think this will change the core value of Twitter? How would Twitter handle this?
  3. Twitter’s stock price has slid due to the decrease of the growth in the number of its users. Do you think this new Gnip Insights will work out? In other words, could it actually attract more companies even though it has a smaller number of active users? Could it possibly compete with what Facebook is offering? What can Twitter do to overcome this challenge?

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