Can Snapchat Filters Help Brands Reach Millennials?


In an attempt to reach millennials, W Hotels recently activated a national geofilter campaign on Snapchat.  As part of the campaign, three W Hotels themed filters were created, allowing users to add a creative message to their picture while letting others know they are at a W Hotels property.

Recognizing that their guests like to share pictures with their social networks during their stay, W Hotels saw Snapchat as a new and creative way for their brand to reach millennials.  W Hotels has plans to create additional geofilters in the future, and will consider Snapchat’s other sponsorship opportunities as well.  With more than 100 million users globally using Snapchat, W Hotels’ advertising spend will likely have a much further reach than if they were using more traditional methods to reach the same target.

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Questions:  Do you think W Hotels will be successful in reaching millennials through Snapchat with their national geofilter campaign?  Would you be more likely to visit a W property in the future as a result of seeing content with the W Hotels filters on Snapchat?  What type of brands/companies do you think would have the greatest success using a similar campaign?


One thought on “Can Snapchat Filters Help Brands Reach Millennials?

  1. I think brands that label themselves as somewhat “high end”, but still affordable, could have succesful with this. Many people want to portray a certain lifestyle on social media and this is a way to show that without explicitly saying it.

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