New York City may finally ditch annoying taxi TV screens


The wait is almost over!

Those obnoxious tv screens that are always in your face are on its way out of New York City cabs. The city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission is voting on a trial program that would take out the Taxi TV and put in something a little less annoying. Instead of the Taxi TV you might see tamper- proofed phones or tablets.

To start off only 4,000 out of the 13,500 cabs would be part of the pilot, but if successful could lead to the extinction of the Taxi TV for good. The commission said the repetitive programming and uncooperative mute and power buttons have led to lots of complaints from passengers and drivers alike. There has been so much negativity surrounding the Taxi TVs that  people are abandoning yellow cabs for Uber and other services.

On the other hand some people find the trivia games and short talk shows endearing. If you are alone it might be nice to have something to look at. My question to you is, do you think taking the Taxi TV’s out of cabs will make a huge difference or not? Do you even care? If so, why?


One thought on “New York City may finally ditch annoying taxi TV screens

  1. I personally find the TV’s very annoying and just try to turn he off as soon as I get in the cab. I am not sure if we even need a replacement. At this point most people have a smart phone and are glued to them at all times (myself included), I am not sure if a tablet would be used, so I don’t believe this will make a difference.

    I do not feel as though this is why people are being attracted to Uber. Uber provides cleaner cars and more convenience, sometimes even at a smaller cost.

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