Future of Twitter


Today there were a lot of articles about Twitter going around that related to what we discussed in class so I thought if anyone was interested I’d share them.

This piece is an op-ed of from a tech investor/entrepreneur explaining why Twitter has already “won”. He cites the accessibility Twitter offers it’s users to one another compared to the closed systems of Facebook and Snap Chat. I thought it tied in with how we discussed how Twitter has managed to compete with Facebook and other social media giants.

Additionally, Fast Company did an article on Twitter’s new Moments feature and how it aggregates Tweets about certain events or topics to acclimate new users. The article goes on to say Moments is a better version of what While You Were Away was doing, because with Moments you don’t have to follow people to have those Tweets show up in the section, they’re selected by Twitter employees. It’ll be interesting to see how it works out and what other innovations Dorsey has coming our way.


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