Peeple, The “Yelp-for-People” App!

The Peeple App will be able to let you rate someone else and better yet the only thing you need is their phone number!

Even if someone does not have the app or is not part of it they cannot stop someone else from creating a profile about them and rating them since they just need a phone number, no opting out. This has cause some major concerns to many people and their privacy. Apparently the app has safeguards in place but they only seem to offer quick fixes and no permanent solution to the short and mainly long term.

So my question to the class is do you want an app to be able to create something about you just with your phone number and without your say in it?


One thought on “Peeple, The “Yelp-for-People” App!

  1. I think that for this to not endure social backlash they will need a way for users (or people being “rated”) a way to opt-out. They are opening themselves to legal consequences I would think.

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