Twitter Intends to Expand its Character Limit

Twitter’s 140-character limit has long been the subject of criticism,  born out of SMS carrier restrictions which split messages into multiple sections if the content exceeded 160 characters. (Twitter reserved the additional 20 characters to fit the sender’s username)


Now it seems that this restriction may be a thing of the past, as Twitter announced that it plans to deploy a new product that will allow for longer Tweets. The exact details are unclear but it certainly signifies a major departure in Twitter’s approach to its product. The company is also making other changes to its functionality, as a “retweet with comment” option was released in April which allows users more room to comment on Tweets they share.

Twitter is clearly attempting to re-energize its platform, however its possible that these changes could affect Twitter in a number of different ways – both good and bad.

Question: Do you think the changes will help or hurt Twitter,  and why?

The Article can be found here:


One thought on “Twitter Intends to Expand its Character Limit

  1. I think people enjoy the brevity of most tweets. If people post significantly longer posts they are more likely to be glanced over. If you have more to say you can always post a link to a longer article.

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