Getting Your Customer Services On Facebook Messenger?

Facebook is working on the new Ad business model called ‘click to message’. Recently Facebook revealed its master-plan to make money from its chat product, Messenger, during its last earnings call. So how does this work? Basically, Facebook will put a button called ‘message’ which drive users directly to Messenger under companies’ ads. Through this button users can contact with companies through Messenger. As long as users click on this button, Facebook will charge small amount of fee from the company who put the ads.

Facebook is not a simple social net for people anymore. It has changed a lot into a huge comprehensive online mini society.Facebook says it wants businesses to start thinking of their Pages as an alternative to creating designated websites.Since   Facebook will launch the new ad type button, Facebook will have another revenue and also may gain more users on Messenger.


According to Statista report ,number of monthly active Facebook Messenger users had reached to 700 million monthly worldwide. Almost one year, from April 2014 to July 2015, Messenger monthly active users has gained 500 million. Facebook also said, that people prefer to get simple and quick answers through text then phone.

Article link:

Question: Do you think Facebook’s Messenger will become customer services center in future? And what can Facebook become? Have you ever worried about the incredible reliability to one company?


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