Programmatic Buying: Tailoring Advertising For Optimal Reach

If you were a kid in the 90’s you should definitely remember ripping out those print advertisement that contained famous people posing with a milk mustache for Got Milk? In the past two decades, advertising and marketing has progressed from print ads, to television commercials, and has finally made its recent debut in the digital space. People are always connected to something, whether they are on their phones, computers, tablets or even their set-top box. This switch to digital has challenged advertisers to efficiently and effectively reach their audience base on a whole new level.


Ever search for a consumer product on a website and then later, once you’ve logged into your favorite social media site, see an ad for that same product you were previously looking at? Welcome to the world of programmatic advertising!
What is programmatic advertising? The definition the article provided was “programmatic buying is a methodology that permits brands to exploit consumers tech footprint by tailoring personalized message and responses to their given interests, whims, and trends” Basically, programmatic advertising is an automated platform that puts advertising content in front of users who are already considered to be the brands target customers. It is cost effective in that it is not wasting any effort or money putting ads in front of people who don’t fit into their target demographic. Social Media has allowed these advertisers to capitalize on their marketing efforts by gaining access to a portal to millions of social media users and their behaviors.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin are the four major social media platforms that have enabled marketers to full optimize their advertising efforts. Gaining access to the ad spots on these sites is a marketers dream as it can increase brand awareness in a few “likes” or “pins” from social media users. The idea of “going viral” used to be in regards to a Grumpy Cat video, but can now be associated with brands and advertisements posted on Facebook that quickly spread in popularity– the digital area is so fast paced and contagious that it provides a great way for companies to increase sales and customer brand recognition in little to no effort from them.

Question: While programmatic is great for advertisers, do you think the flooding of advertisements in social media platforms will anger users? Will it hinder user happiness and subsequently their participation in these social media sites or will it go unnoticed?


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