Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!

A new app is playing on users’ competitive nature to participate in photo contests. SocialBattles enables users to take pictures and challenge their friends or other SocialBattles users to a competition after selecting a Battle Title (ex: summer nights, beach day, etc.). After you vote for a picture in a battle you can see which picture won and by what percent. If you are a battle contestant, the more wins you accumulate the higher your ranking on the app gets.  The inventors of the app described it as “Instagram on steroids” and created World Hashtag Rankings to classify battles, as well as make the battles searchable.


This app seems like a fairly simple but groundbreaking idea. We can all take time to count how many likes our pictures or posts get on major social platforms and compare them to our friends, but this is the first app I’ve read about that directly encourages competition for “likes”.


Given the increasing rate of cyberbullying, do you think this app has the potential to negatively effect younger users- think middle or high school- who are directly competing with their classmates and friends?

If so, what responsibility do the app creators have to prevent this from happening, if any?

Read the full article here!


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