Alibaba’s 1-year Anniversary : Successful and Powerful !


Alibaba Today :

The Chinese e-commerce Company, Alibaba, has completed its first year after going public on September 2014 having the largest IPO in Wall Street history. Now, Alibaba has an evaluation of $168 billion.


Alibaba made several investments since it has began in 1999. Recently, the company has invested 200 million dollars in the four-years-old company: Snapchat. As a result, Snapchat worth $15bn now. Analysts said Alibaba on its way to become bigger than Wal-Mart.

Alibaba is a Unicorn startup :

Unicorns are defined as private startups estimated to be worth more than $1 billion. These startups has grown by 3000% since 2009 (Figure 47)


Reporters claim that a unicorn has been created every week on average this year, which raises the bar of competition. However, Alibaba is far ahead of its competitors because it has more sales than Amazon and eBay combined.

Although the company is not facing the threat of competition, there are other challenges such as: entering a foreign market, the Chinese stock market crash and some Fraud allegations. Moreover, Alibaba stock has fallen 30% from its IPO price since last year, yet the company is handling the pressures and attracting shareholders and the future seems promising.


  1. The article : Happy 1-year anniversary, Alibaba!

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